Peterhof Fountains Private Tour


Discover one of the most beautiful Fountain Parks in the world!

We’ll see you one of the most beautiful summer residences which is often called the Russian Versaile. The kingdom of fountains, playing water and palaces of Peter the Great, his daughter, Elizabeth, and Nicholas I surrounded with beautiful shady garden. Peterhof Fountains Private Tour is one of the best summer tours!

Peterhof is an immensely luxurious and beautifully preserved Imperial estate, founded in 1710 by Peter the Great. It contains several palaces, a number of beautifully landscaped parks and a numerous magnificent statues and fountains. That’s why it’s often called “The Russian Versailles”. This kingdom of playing water contains more that 140 fountains, and every one is unique. Once being seen it will never be forgotten! We”ll see visit this brilliant residence of Russian emperors and it’s magnificent fountains park. The summer trip to St Petersburg is not complete without this tour! The Grand Palace with its fascinating and elaborate interiors and its expansive gardens with numerous fountains and pavilions are sure to impress.

What will we see during the tour?

St. Petersburg

We believe the tour is not the history lesson — it is an emotional experience!

We won’t bother you with tons of facts, but rather tell you urban legends, interesting stories, and funny jokes! Believe us, you will bring many of these stories back home.
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg

Yes, we do our tours even in the Russian winter!

Be sure, we’ll never let you become cold. We always stop in the middle of the tour for a cup of hot tea or coffee! We also enter some of the sights on our way to warm up.