Kronshtadt Private Boat Trip

St. Petersburg

Explore the northern shield of Russia and the maritime capital of the Empire!

Kronshtadt is a real pearl of war history of Russia. Founded by Peter the Great, Kronstadt once might have been a capital of the Russian Empire during the Great Northern War with Sweden

The first Russian navy base amazing defense system was founded in Kronshtadt – the naval Maginot Line;

At the times of The Red Revolution drama Kronshtadt was a centre of rebellions, and the first anti¬communist uprising in 1921 also happened here;

During the trip you will visit the famous Naval cathedral with its magnificent both exterior and interior bearing no resemblance with any Saint Petersburgian church or cathedral.

The most exciting part of the tour is the private boat trip around the Kronshtadt mighty forts and tour around the most impressive one – Alexander 1. This fort once threatened the unwelcome guests from the West with 130 cannons. From the top of the Alexander 1 fort you’ll see a magnificent scenery telling you in details the 300 hundred years old history of the naval fortification development.

We believe the tour is not the history lesson — it is an emotional experience!

We won’t bother you with tons of facts, but rather tell you urban legends, interesting stories, and funny jokes! Believe us, you will bring many of these stories back home.
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg

Yes, we do our tours even in the Russian winter!

Be sure, we’ll never let you become cold. We always stop in the middle of the tour for a cup of hot tea or coffee! We also enter some of the sights on our way to warm up.