St. Petersburg Free Tour

St. Petersburg

Great must-see introduction to St. Petersburg.

Our original Free Tour covers all highlights of the city. Best and most popular city tour among travellers in SPb.

What is
Petersburg Free Tour?

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  • Great routes which cover all the must-see places, as well as sights off the beaten track!
  • Great guides with overwhelming personality, full of energy and creativity!

Why do we run this tour
for free?

  • We love our city and we want to share our love with you!
  • We would like you to assess our quality – you can’t help but order our exciting daily tours
  • Just make a booking, and our guides will eagerly take you for an amazing walk through our magical city!

What will we visit
during the tour?

St. Petersburg

We believe the tour is not the history lesson — it is an emotional experience!

We won’t bother you with tons of facts, but rather tell you urban legends, interesting stories, and funny jokes! Believe us, you will bring many of these stories back home.

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg

Yes, we do our tours even in the Russian winter!

Be sure, we’ll never let you become cold. We always stop in the middle of the tour for a cup of hot tea or coffee! We also enter some of the sights on our way to warm up.

How can a Free Tour be the best in St. Petersbourg?

All our guides are not only professionals of their job. They are first of all bright personalities with open hearts, who love to meet new people, share experiences, have fun, and know all the ins and outs of the city.

Our guides are self-employed, which means their income is based only on your tips. That motivates guides to do their best in making the tour bright, interesting and memorable.

We firmly believe that if money is given for a Tour, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and the budget of the traveller.

Even though our guides appreciate tips, your applause means so much more to them, and they’re happy to welcome you as their guests over and over again, as each new Guide has a different story to tell about St. Petersburg!