Why Free Tour is free?

We strongly feel all visitors should feel welcomed to our city and have the finest experiences when traveling, no matter what their financial situation may be. Our native guides treat you like a welcomed guest and share their intense passion for St. Petersburg with you. We do this from the kindness of our own hearts. We just want to show you how friendly and magnificent St. Petersburg is.

After enjoying your Free Tour, we hope you will book future other tours with our friendly guides!

What sites are visited on the Free Tour?

The Free Tour will show you many of St. Petersburg’s popular destinations:

The best thing about touring with us, is that you will get priority treatment and discover information and tidbits the guidebooks cannot provide to you. Our guides live here and they want to share their unique culture with you. Experience the beauty and culture of St. Petersburg with us!

How do I book a paid tour?

Feel free to reserve your tour in advance or ask your Free Tour guide where the next tour meets and purchase at that time. There are no advance payments and you are guaranteed the best prices in city. The tours schedule can be seen on our homepage. All tours and schedules can be seen on our homepage.

If you buy our Petersburg City Pass you save money by getting a free tour!

Can I join several tours in one day?

YES! When we created our routes, we had this in mind. Our next tours starts 15 minutes after the previous had finished. Feel free to tag follow our guide all day. Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry because we take time to stop for meals as well.

Do you offer private tours?

YES! Our private tours are designed personally and crafted to match your needs.

You can choose your time and route. We can also arrange a hotel pick up and return. We do both walking private tours and tours with a personal transport.

Please visit Private tours page for further information.