Communist Leningrad


Get to know the hidden pages of Soviet Leningrad history!

On our Communist Leningrad Tour you will see the KGB headquarters (called Big House by city dwellers), infamous Crosses Prisons and Peter & Paul Fortress, the Aurora Cruiser, which gave the signal for the start of the revolution, and many other most important sights of the Soviet era.

1917. Petersburg is the capital of the Russian Empire. It becomes a place of the event which forever changed the face of not only our country but the entire world — October Revolution.Soon, the capital was moved to Moscow , but Leningrad (Soviet era name of St. Petersburg) remained the second important city of Soviet Union. It was the cradle of the 1917 Revolution. Many sad events of the Stalinist repression happened in the local KGB Headquarters (aka Big House). Almost three years during World War II Leningrad was in the blockade, which killed almost all the citizens who didn’t escape.

On our Communist Petersburg Tour you will learn about the most important events of the communist past of St. Petersburg and see the most important sights, which are not included in the Free Tour:

Marsovo Pole (Field of Mars) in St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg

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